Is it worth dealing with climate change – newsgymnast

Climate change is happening and fast. Yes, its worth dealing with it now but, how to we make a difference and are we able to get out of this deadly trap?

People imagine our future world with flying cars, servants as robots and the coolest iphone there is ; but what if our world in 50 years is as hot as a desert and all dry and cracked? Some parts of our world ice is melting fast; imagine the polar bear species, who depend on ice and extreme cold weather to survive, and then is framed onto one minuscule block of ice. Save the bears! What will happen if we can’t get out of this hole we have fallen into? Everything we do everyday to attempt to change climate change helps. Imagine if every person on this planet does this, then all our great great great grand daughters are saved from what could be a horrible environment. We need to manage to get everyone together as one to survive this horrible mess we have created, not just for us but for all living creatures on the planet. Everyone should make a difference in this world by not using fossil fuels, recycle more and just do simple things like putting a plastic bag in the bin. Save our planet!




  1. North Beckton Primary School North Beckton Primary School

    Good and strong points, NewsGymNast, but I’m sure that the Earth won’t dry up and die in 50 years and even if it did, we could use electric cars to prevent climate change.

    The Canews

  2. North Beckton Primary School North Beckton Primary School

    We agree with you because it is not hard to recycle. Recycling can do a lot to animals, including ourselves, sea animals,animals in the rain forest.
    DiamondDetective123 & Perfectnews321