2018: Year of the Woman | Issue Highlights & Thought Leader

Well done to this BNC Issue's Thought Leader: Streatham Wells Primary School!

Congratulations this half term go to Streatham Wells Primary School who are our Thought Leader for the gender equality BNC Issue.

This half term there was a phenomenally high standard of Final Pieces across the board. Streatham Wells contributed to this with their original mix of sculpture and painting. We also enjoyed their insightful posts and comments on the Hub which remained open-minded and challenged our preconceived ideas about gender. 

gendered names not needed
gendered magazines are problematic
gender equality worldwide

We were also really impressed by...

This post was written by Blueleopard at Faringdon Community College. It was a really impressive read that questioned the need for gender neutral language across the board; from children's cartoons to national job titles. What was really excellent was the quality of the response that followed, which showed open-mindedness and strong reasoning. You can read the full post here

Priceless Bunny and Goldenrespect at Elaine Primary Academy showed excellent curiosity and conducted an experiment at their school to find out more about gender equality. They were curious to find out more about what was going on around them and challenged their assumptions, before encouraging the rest of the Burnet News Club to do the same. Read the full post here

BNC Skills...

Each half term, we look for Burnet News Club members who are demonstrating our five key skills: storytelling, reasoning, scpeticism, open-mindedness and curiosity. Here are some examples that we thought were great!

Michael Faraday School

Crampton School

St Peter's Primary School

St Gregory's Primary School

Malcolm Arnold Academy

Weekly Winners...

Well done to everyone who entered the competitions during this Issue. There were some puzzling challenges to take on! You can check out each of the winning entries by clicking here.  


  1. Dear The Economist Foundation,
    Do we still have time to create or review a Final Piece Artwork – is the deadline the end of today, Wednesday?

    Are you going to announce the Final Piece Artwork Winners?

    • Hello! You still have until the end of the week, so please go ahead and post! On Friday, we will be displaying your artwork to our colleagues at the Economist. They will be giving you feedback on your Final Pieces and choosing the winners, which will feature in a special Final Piece magazine. Olivia

  2. Wow Thank You Soo Much Olivia, I will definitely create more posts!

    By Pip:Wip