Your Compromise,Your Choice

Hello PGT282 here,

I want to know what your compromise is.My compromise about veganism is to make it affordable and environmental friendly.I would make it affordable because if their was a poor person being vegan ,they couldn’t afford the 11$ hamburger as they are poor.Moreover they would HAVE to eat meat,which I don`t think is fair.I also think it should be environmental friendly  as that is what veganism is about not hurting animals.My compromise would be called Grow A Vegan A Week.This would make veganism grow every week. By people  not killing animals would probably save the world.That is all for my compromise.Please tell me is you agree or disagree on my points. Everyone’s ideas are unique.

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  1. It’s great you’re thinking about compromises!

    It’s always good to make sure the facts we give are backed up with evidence. Would a vegan have to eat expensive meat alternatives? Can you find evidence that shows a vegan diet is significantly more expensive than a diet that includes meat?

    -Tiff at the Foundation

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