The Economist Educational Foundation has a history of creating exciting educational events for young people. Our events combine theatre, interactive workshops and talks to bring the news to life. 

This year, we are exploring ways to bring events to more Burnet News Club members. Watch this space for any exciting opportunities your club might be interested in.


BNC Live: Following the success of Justice, our immersive documentary theatre show, we hosted our second immersive event on the 2nd of February, 2018.

Burnet News Club members helped a first-time voter decide whether to vote for a pro-immigration or anti-immigration MP. The virtual event took place in schools across the country with hundreds of young people taking part in the choose-your-own-adventure film. They spent the day discussing their opinions with other young people around the UK, receiving live feedback from expert contributors and voted collectively on how the story progressed.

At the end of the day, the Burnet News Club decided together on Robyn's vote for a pro-immigration or anti-immigration MP. You can see how the day played out here


We have created a new form of documentary theatre which uses teaching, theatre and documentary techniques to engage young people with important news stories.

We offered the first of these events, focused on the justice system, to Burnet News Club schools in January 2017. Almost 300 young people came to York Theatre Royal or Pleasance Theatre in London to consider challenging questions about punishment and rehabilitation in prisons.

We wrote the script by conducting interviews with ex-offenders, prison guards, victims of crime and social workers. The Burnet News Club members followed the story of Wesley, a prisoner who mugged a teenage girl. After interviewing each character involved in the case, club members were asked to choose whether to send Wesley back to his cell, or put him in a rehabilitation programme. The set was built entirely using sound; as the audience entered each character’s room they were immersed in a different atmosphere.

These events are available exclusively to Burnet News Club schools. 


The Economist trip

Winners of the Burnet News Club Award visited The Economist Tower and created their own version of an Economist article.

After running an editorial meeting with three Economist journalists, Napier Primary School pupils decided to prepare a story about risk and Brexit.
Download their article here >

The young people also heard from Deputy Editor Edward Carr and Executive Editor Daniel Franklin. They visited Economist Films, explored the graphics department, and made their own front cover.
See the pictures here >

Fun Kidz Radio visit

One Burnet News Club school talked to Fun Kidz' Bex Lindsay about Brexit.

The presenter was blown away with Barnhill High School's knowledge on the issue, as well as their attitude to current affairs.

They spent the afternoon in the studio, discussing the pros and cons of Brexit, as well as hearing what rules and regulations they would have to follow on air.

Listen to their interview here >

London Live with Alastair Stewart

The Burnet News Club went to the London Live studios to discuss current affairs with Alastair Stewart.

They talked about privacy rights and housing, as well as how to ask good questions. The ITN anchor was very impressed with the Burnet News Club members' questioning! 

Watch the video here >


Voiceover workshops at The Economist

Cardwell Primary School came to The Economist's offices in Canary Wharf to learn how to create voiceovers. 

Working with one of the Foundation's content editors, Cardwell club members wrote and recorded scripts for five news stories. They used storytelling skills to make their news packages interesting for their audiences.

Watch the video here >


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